About Us

Eda Gizem Torun who is founder of EGT Education & Tutoring is a highly dedicated and self developed teacher. She has bachelor’s degree diploma on Elemantary-School Teacher in Eastern Mediterranean University and had also master’s degree on Curriculum and Introduction at the same University. The EGT Education & Tutoring prepare their teaching programs according to each studen’s stage and capabilities with their expert tutors. Our these education programs are associated with daily life which allowes children to make sense of it more easily. Cognitive, sensory, visual and psycho-motor developments of children are taken into consideration at every step. We offer different type of trainings that will ensure the development of children in many ways instead of one way. We give our service at our EGT EDUCATION institution, where every child is evaluated individually, together with our very rich service network in terms of language skills, mental skills, visual skills, communication skills, muscle and coordination skills. Our lessons are in the form of one-to-one or group, and there are options as online and face-to-face. As per the policy of our institution, ‘EVERY CHILD IS SINGLE AND UNIQUE’ is our permanent principle.